Terms and conditions

By selecting you agree to the terms and conditions you are agreeing on behalf of yourself and all attendees to the following:


  1. This form has been truthfully completed in all aspects by myself.
  2. To the best of my knowledge I am physically and mentally healthy and able to partake in all the extreme sports offered by ROLLEGOLI on their Bryanston premises.
  3. I take part voluntarily in the activities on offer and assume full responsibility for any loss, damage to property, injury and including death during my activity or after  leaving the premises which may occur as a result of my participation. I also fully  understand that the use of any equipment belonging to ROLLEGOLI is done so entirely  at my own risk.
  4. I hereby accept all medical treatment deemed necessary by the management of ROLLEGOLI at any time during my visit to the facility due to injury. illness or any other reason at my own expense.
  5. Should I be permitted to partake in the facilities on offer I irrevocably release ROLLEGOLI, its management, staff or agents from all claims, demands or actions  now or in the future. This indemnity shall also apply to my spouse, family members  or partner/s.
  6. By selecting that I agree to these terms and conditions I am indicating that I have read and fully understand its contents.  I understand that I have voluntarily requested to partake in a hazardous sport  and am under no duress. This agreement refers to me, my property and  any goods I may have on my person.